Craft your game and duck calls with our fully custom patented image barrels and CNC ready rods


Can I use these products in a CNC lathe or CNC mill?

Yes! We have continuously tested our products in both styles of CNC equipment. All of the machinists who have used our product in their CNC equipment were pleased by how easy our product turned and shaped. One of the key indicators of quality was indicated by the machinists noticing the "ribbons" that fell from our rods. This ribboning allowed for easier, faster cleanup and made for smoother passes when turned during shaping. Several brands of CNC equipment where our products have been used include HAAS, Mizuki, Tormach, Sherline, and others.

What information can you give me about the quality, or technical information, related to this product?

We get asked this question on almost every new order. It's a question that should always be asked. We work tirelessly to source the best products on the market. We didn't settle for the first product we tested and we will continue uphold this level of quality. Delivering the highest quality product is our priority - while this creates additional work on our end, the result is worth the effort.

We have sourced products that are used not only by large and small companies but are also used within the military, aerospace and medical industries. Our urethane based casting products are very expensive, but worth every penny. Our casting materials are not found at your local hobby store or stored for months within a corporate warehouse until purchased.

We must provide a product that holds up to the elements and maintains its high grade appearance. Legacy should never degrade and we expect our products to do the same for you.

Can I pick my own design or style of image? What if I don't like what I see in the standard image rods you have available?

Many companies may use the word "custom" in their product lines but fail to deliver fully custom products. We produce fully custom products based on what YOU or your customer wants. At Deadshot Customs, we work with you through every detail: from proof of concept, scope of design and manufacturing.

Whether you are in the market to shock and awe your customer with a product they never knew could exist, or if you want a clean and simple product to fit the mold, we do full custom work. The feedback you'll receive about your finished product will blow away your customer and they will become returning business!

How do you make the customization happen?

Whether you want your company logo, a custom design, or customer supplied image within your product allow us to create a truly one-of-a-kind design. Your imagination and our design team will customize your product until you say stop! We have countless substrates we use for our full color high quality printing that can include looks such as brushed metals, carbon fiber, weathered wood, colored swirls, opaque liquids, pearlized or sparkled backgrounds . . . the choices are unlimited. This is where the fun begins and our expertise in using these products will guide you through the experience in creating that truly custom product you and your customers deserve.

In order to get the imagery to your exact specifications we offer several packages that include a full design and proofing package (up to three revisions included ) or basic design (concept proof only). Once you supply the imagery we will communicate with you to gather as much information as possible before moving you into production.

How much time does it take to receive my products?

For in-stock products your purchase will most often ship the next day or week. If a product is out of stock, we will communicate this to you immediately. We will also give you an estimated timeline for when the product will be manufactured and when we will ship your product!

On average, a full custom design package can take up to 3-4 weeks to be delivered. Remember, this is full custom work and there are many steps taken to ensure your product is made to your expectations.

The different stages of manufacturing these products, for the most part, follows this order:

Customer places their order, image design (time for proofs/revisions if required), graphic templating, printing graphics, casting the rods, curing the rods, quality control/inspection, packaging, shipping, and delivery.

Where are you located and why is Deadshot your name?

The name Deadshot Customs was born from our founding location, Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. Big Detroit Lake holds what is known to the locals as “Deadshot Bay” located on the south western side. This bay has been used by many waterfowl hunters in the past and we found the name to be the perfect inspiration for our company name.


As a skilled machinist, or dedicated craftsman, your goal is to build game calls with the highest quality materials and with the most original designs. We truly understand your passion, your investment in time and money, and your desire to excite each and every one of your customers. At Deadshot Customs, we know your call isn't "just a call" - we believe that you are creating a legacy for yourself and your customers while, at the same time, supporting a true heritage.

At times, standard off-the-shelf game calls, can feel boring and ordinary. Game calls have traditionally been made from wood, acrylic, or polycarbonate... with somewhat limited options for full customization. Deadshot Customs provides you the opportunity to use our patented image technology that harnesses a brand new style of game call... the image call. When you craft a call with this level of customization, you're not only able to showcase your skills in the art of crafting a call but you're also able to showcase your dedication to directly connect your product to your customer.

Enjoy the experience of what this image call product brings to each and every one of your customers!

Old school camo custom image call

"Fine, custom product and timely delivery. Sounds great, easy to work, and has a nice range at all volume levels. Perfect partner to my go to call. Thanks, y'all!"

- Paul Strnad

"My experience with this company from start to finish was fantastic! Brian is wonderful to work with and made a call that exceeded my expectation! Highly recommend this company and will make future purchases!"

- Holly Gustner


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