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Craft your game and duck calls with our fully custom patented image barrels and CNC ready rods

The patented image game call was created in 2014 by Mr. Betts at Double B Custom Calls and we give great credit to his companies ideas and innovation in the game call industry! His products were seen primarily during the days of the Duck Dynasty TV series as he manufactured image barrels for Duck Commander and within his own line of custom calls. In 2018, we developed a successful business relationship with Mr. Betts and eventually completed a patent acquisition process which led to Deadshot Customs, LLC being the full owner of this exclusive game call technology. Deadshot Customs, LLC is the holder of two USPTO granted patents, two USPTO non-provisional patents, and several patent pending products that will be used both inside and outside of the game call industry.

We know crafting a game call is more than just the sum of it's parts. A great game call displays the hard work, pride, and dedication of the call maker. We know you want the best materials to create custom calls that are unique to you, your business, and your customer.

We are excited to offer our patented products to call companies, both big and small, across the nation. Needless to say... so far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

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Deadshot Customs, LLC has the ability to help you fully customize your image game call...and we can do it at anytime!

The possibilities to customize an image call are truly endless!  Whether you want a set of wedding gifts, a one-off custom retirement gift, promoting your guide service, leave it to us to work with your favorite call maker to put you in a call that is directly connected to YOU!

If you are interested, contact us and we will get you set up with the custom products you need.


As a skilled machinist, or dedicated craftsman, your goal is to build game calls with the highest quality materials and with the most original designs. We truly understand your passion, your investment in time and money, and your desire to excite each and every one of your customers. At Deadshot Customs, we know your call isn't "just a call" - we believe that you are creating a legacy for yourself and your customers while, at the same time, supporting a true heritage.

At times, standard off-the-shelf game calls, can feel boring and ordinary. Game calls have traditionally been made from wood, acrylic, or polycarbonate... with somewhat limited options for full customization. Deadshot Customs provides you the opportunity to use our patented image technology that harnesses a brand new style of game call... the image call. When you craft a call with this level of customization, you're not only able to showcase your skills in the art of crafting a call but you're also able to showcase your dedication to directly connect your product to your customer.

Enjoy the experience of what this image call product brings to each and every one of your customers!

Old school camo custom image call

"Best customer service ever and as far as my opinion best call on the market."

- Danny Smith

"Exceptional quality calls that look and sound amazing,outstanding customer service, and one heckuva nice guy running the show. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this excellent company!"

- Jeff Guith


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