Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Image Insert Rod


Mossy Oak Break-Up COUNTRY combines digitally enhanced, life-sized natural elements with the perfect color tones to help you blend in and shadowing elements that truly break up your outline like no other pattern available today.  Customize your game and duck calls with this licensed pattern. These solid image insert rods are cast at 24″ with a guaranteed 21″ usable material length.

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  • 1.375”
  • 1.5”
  • Prebored .625”
  • Solid


Craft your inserts in your lathe or CNC and make the final shaping in your insert jig for a custom Mossy Oak Break-Up Country image insert.

Our solid and prebore image rods are casted at 24″ with a guaranteed usable length of 21″.  Most rods come out of casting at 22-23″ but we guarantee 21″.  Shape these rods into seven, 3″ barrels.

Whether you’re a beginner at call making or have been call maker for decades, our materials are easy to use in a CNC or on a benchtop lathe…and they are also very easy to polish!

Our image rods will yield seven, 3″ barrels, equaling $13.92/barrel (shipping included!).

Solid Rod: Optimal performance when used with a CNC. When boring solid rod we recommend sharp carbide tools, low pressure bit feed, and continuous lubrication

Proudly made & sourced in America.

  • Licensed Mossy Oak Break-Up Country
  • Patented Inner Barrel Image Technology
  • Fully Machinable
  • For use on manual and automatic CNC machines
  • Available in solid core or prebore design
  • FREE shipping

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1.375”, 1.5”

Inner Core

Prebored .625”, Solid


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